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Thumbs Up Diner: A Funky Mix

Thumbs Up Diner offers a funky mix of Thumbs Up Breakfast Originals as well as classic and build your own breakfast options. While we are best known for breakfast, we also serve a variety of lunch favorites including sandwiches, burgers, quesadillas and vegan dishes offering something for everyone.

little girl at counter eating breakfast with a thumbs up and a smile
homemade biscuits

Why do people flock to Thumbs Up Diner?

Here are a few of the reasons:

Smoked Meats: All of our Italian Sausage, turkey and chicken is smoked in house at Thumbs Up Diner, giving guests the tastiest and freshest ingredients possible.

Fresh Squeezed: Just like grandma made it, all our orange juice and grapefruit juice is 100% fresh squeezed. None of that frozen or concentrated juice around here.

Homemade: Southern cooking demands great grits and biscuits and our homemade multi-grain biscuits and stone ground grits are the best as are our homemade jams. Food so good, you would swear that grandma was in the kitchen.

Vermont Maple Syrup: Yes our food is unforgettable but so is the flavor of our slow poured 100% pure Vermont Maple Syrup. It will leave you reminiscing for months.

One Skillet Dishes: For the hungry and adventurous, we offer our line of meat, potato, egg and cheese dishes served hot off the grill heaping and delicious in a cast iron skillet.

Homemade Biscuits: We mentioned them earlier, but they were worth bringing up a second time.

“The biscuits here are different, and no one minds saying so. They’re made with whole wheat, but they stay light with a crunchy crust, once baked. Smeared with butter and house-made preserves, they’ll take you back to a place most of us don’t go often enough — home.”

Atlanta Journal Constitution